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This is stipulated to happen for a period of a week or two, at least a month before the IPO event. It is not always possible to discuss philosophy online (especially with the uninitiated). Although we choose the most talented person, gaining knowledge of various areas of philosophy and understanding the nuances between the different positions of philosophers, needs some amount of brainstorming discussions. (again especially for those who have not studied philosophy as a subject) Thus the objectives of this training camp are:
  1.  To orient the team members thoroughly to different philosophies with the view of
    • enabling them to choose the area of interest, thus going deeper into it
    • giving them a wide perspective, which helps in defining a career
  2. To equip the team with the tools needed to make a good philosophical argument
  3. To prepare those who wish to enter into the contest in the subsequent years

With this in mind, the schedule is interspersed with lectures (talks by experts), practical (assignments in groups to discuss, resolve problems, prepare arguments, etc.) and enrichment lectures (talks by professional philosophers) The schedule would be a gruelling 9 to 5 with a few breaks for lunch and snacks, which the local students have to bring by themselves. (There would be some arrangement for those coming from out-of-town)

The culmination of the camp will be with an essay test to judge the development of the students. (There will be some essays to be prepared or arguments found thereof, during the course of the camp, as a homework)

The core areas of philosophy - Ethics, Aesthetics, Epistemology & Metaphysics - will be covered to the extent possible. The idea is not to teach everything ... but to prepare the young minds to think.

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