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Schedule for Indian Philosophy Olympiad 2016 (9 Nov to 30 Nov)

The tasks will be open for submission in the given period which lasts from 1.5 to 2 days. However, the task would need about 2-3 hours of actual work and the long spans are given to accommodate students' schedules. Only the Essay task (Stage 3) will be turned on and off for the student for only 3 hours. Detail instructions will be given to students who enrol by email.

2018 schedule to be announced soon

Stage & Task Start End
Enrolment   15 Nov 2018
Stage 1 - Task 1    
Stage 1 - Task 2    
Stage 1 - Results    
Stage 2 - Task 1    
Stage 2 - Results    
Stage 3 - Essay    
Stage 3 - Results    
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