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The IPO is usually held in 3rd Week of May, every year. The host is one of the participating countries, usually the honour keeps rolling from one country to another. Once the host country gets permissions from its Ministries it send invitations (before November) and the participating countries have to announce their delegations by January. Thus the stages of selection for the IPO need to finalized before this time. In India, we usually need a specific invite for the embassies to process our visa and thus the same can be obtained from the host only after the team is finalized. (again within January) Preparation of passports and booking of tickets usually takes longer. Many a times, the visas come through only a day or two before departure.

The IPO is usually for up to 4 days. This may vary. The host country takes care of the costs of stay, food and travel (some sightseeing) during the official program. The program is put up on the site of the IPO-host, link to which can be obtained from Ivan Kolev's site. If the Indian team wishes to stay for more than these official days, either due to unavailability of convenient tickets or for sightseeing, then the extra stay can be organized by the host, but the team has to individually pay for the extra costs.

All travel costs to and from the venue have to be borne by the delegation and since we are not funded, we handle the costs, individually, i.e. students pay for their own travel & visa costs. If the IPO is somewhere in Europe, the costs usually go up to INR 70,000/- or slightly more.

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