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Philosophy: An endeavor to define the boundaries of knowledge of the world we live in, to synthesize the knowledge into understanding, to question and refine our understanding so as to improve the way we live. - Kedar Soni, ibid.

At Abhinav we have always strived to uphold the above and thus integrate open philosophical thought and discourse at every level of teaching, especially for the high school students. And thus when we became aware of the International Philosophy Olympiad we started our movement to promote the idea to our neighbor schools, towns and hopefully someday to all of India.

India gets a Silver and Honorable Mention at Rome 2019

This website is built to further the effort of organizing the selection and mentoring of Indian students for the Olympiad as well as to create a resource for teaching philosophy in schools. We hope that many students and teachers will benefit from this and help us further the effort. At present we have no funding of any sort and this is a totally voluntary movement by myself, the director - Prof. Kedar Soni, some of my very enthusiastic teachers and students who have been through my unending (and some would say - torturous) sessions and yet have volunteered to put in the intellectual effort. Please read further to know more about our activities and events. (listed on the side bar)

India is among the top ranking countries at the IPO


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