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The purpose of this training is to prepare the Indian team for the IPO as also to prepare those who are not selected this year, but intend to attempt the IPO next year. Thus the training will be open to any student who wishes to join and will be compulsory for those selected in Stage 2. This training will chiefly occur after the Stage 2, i.e. from January. Since most students have exams around March-April, the training will pause, to resume around mid-April and go right up to the IPO. (around 3rd Week of May) The discussions between students can, however, continue over the entire year.

During the training we intend to finalize the names of the two students who would actually represent India by the following criteria: a) Talent (as the online exam results may not be a good indicator) and b) Motivation (most Std XII science students prefer to give more importance to competitive exams and thus fail to prepare for the IPO)


There are two ways to prepare - a) brainstorming over issues, b) silent reading of various materials and making notes and summaries. Brainstorming is preferred when students and mentors are face to face, which may not always be possible. (especially for outstation students) Hence the more workable method would be to silent read the assignments put up on the blog and then answer the questions asked therein or present opinions on the event page linked from our Facebook page.

Face-to-face (A Training Camp)

Somewhere, in the beginning of May, for a period of at least 15 days, the participants need to meet face to face for two purposes - a) brainstorming,  b) processing of visas and other documents as also visiting the embassies for interviews. Mumbai students can travel to Abhinav, where the training will be conducted, every day. If the student chosen lives far away from Mumbai, then either he/she should make some arrangements to stay near Dombivli / Mumbai, such as with relatives or in some hotel (along with parents). If this is not possible, we will try to assist the student in some way.

Other resources are put up on this site. Some are copied from the internet only to make sure they are available. This however, should not discredit the author of such resource. Also, read the "For High Schools" page for idea about projects and issues that are dealt with in Philosophy and to access some of the useful internet resources.

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